Grierson Gopalan Syndrome

Grierson Gopalan Syndrome is simply an older name for ‘burning feet’ that still gets used a lot and probably shouldn’t. It is now more acceptable to not names diseases or conditions after people. A lot of questions still get asked about Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome by people who do not simply realize that it is ‘burning feet’ that is being talked about.

Grierson first described it in 1829 and Gopalan again described it in 1946. Both doctors were in India. This gave rise to the name of Grierson Gopalan Syndrome.

The understanding of burning feet is so diverse now, it is not exactly clear what Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome is actually referring to rather than just the simple ‘burning feet’, which could be referring to a number of different underlying problems. Some clinicians still do use the term to refer to idiopathic burning feet when they can not identify the underlying cause of the burning feet.

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